My Little Helpers

  • Posted on July 18, 2011 at 7:50 am


Moms have a lot of tasks to accomplish as household managers. There’s meals, laundry, cleaning, tidiness. And that’s just the basics! We have started to enlist the help of our two oldest in accomplishing these things. And while it’s nice to have a little bit of “help” around the house, we feel like we are also teaching them the importance of being a responsible member of our family. We are also taking this opportunity to teach them good habits with money.

I’ve given this a lot of thought over last couple months and here is how we have impelemented chores and allowance. This is what works best with our two kids, ages 3 and 5, at the moment.


I used Simple Mom’s chore chart as inspiration and for some of my images, then changed it just a bit to fit our needs.

Our chart is simple with 5 pictures.

Clothesline - The boys are asked to dress themselves, put their dirty clothes in the hamper and put away any clean laundry that I fold that day.

Bed - The boys are expected to make their bed every morning after getting dressed. Of course, their beds don’t look like the beds in the pottery barn catalog, but that’s not really the point of the chore.

Dishes - They are expected to take their dishes from the table to sink after meals and snacks.

Blocks - The boys are expected to pick up their toys in the playroom at least once a day before bed, or anytime that they are asked to do so.

Smile - This box is for general immediate and cheerful obedience. It covers all the bases from speaking kindly to sharing and having a good attitude.

Anytime the boys do not complete a task or disobey they place a red “x” in the box for that day. They can earn more than 1 “x” if they continue to disobey. We complete our chart in the morning for the previous day. If there is only 1 red “x” they are shown some grace and are allowed to place a check mark in the box as well. If a box has more than 1 “x” they cannot check the box as completed.


At the end of the week they kids can earn a quarter for each day they have all 5 boxed checked. If they have checks for every day that week, they get a bonus quarter for $2. At this point, we take our coins and split them up into saving, giving and spending.

It’s been going really well at our house. The boys are very encouraged by the charts and getting to place check marks on their chores. Hopefully we are teaching them some good habits with responsible behavior and money management. And it doesn’t hurt, that I have just a little less laundry to put away every day!

Do your kids have chores? Do you give them an allowance for completing them?

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