Decisions, decisions…

  • Posted on May 11, 2011 at 7:13 am

So, if any of you follow my blog, The Pajama Chef, you likely know that I have been training for a marathon since January. It will be my second marathon and I am so excited, especially since it is quickly approaching. Yep, on Sunday I will be running 26.2 miles at the Cleveland Marathon. I am pumped, even though the forecast is calling for 60 degrees and thundershowers. In my book though, that’s better than 35 and snowy or 75 and sunny. But moving on… [side note: I know this is supposed to be about food, but I'm getting there. :)]

Marathon training, as some might expect, is hard work. The time needed to train for a marathon, as well as the motivation to start and the physical energy needed to run that far week after week is pretty intense. As training takes up more and more time and energy, your priorities naturally have to shift. For me, one of the biggest areas that I have had to let go of is baking. I know I need to eat–and I do, believe me!–so cooking filling and healthy meals has been a much bigger priority to me than baking up a storm. I have missed that lately and so today what I thought I would share with you was some of the gems that I have found online recently that I hope to make soon after crossing that finish line on Sunday! Well, not literally right after because I expect I’ll be sore and I’ll be staying in a hotel 6+ hours from home, but you get the gist. :)

Without further ado… here is what I will be devoting all my free time in the coming weeks:

because I love lemons… I am anxious to make:

Lemon Crinkle Cookies [so simple, yet so incredible]

White Chocolate Lemon Truffles [what a combo]


oh but doughnuts are so yummy… especially these:

Jelly Doughnuts [check out the technique... I never knew this was so easy!]

Cake Batter Doughnuts [for real!!]

and because we all know that Reese’s are the most perfect candy ever:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn [ohmygosh]

No Bake Nutter Butter Nutella Pie [clearly, this pie defines me: it fulfills my childhood obsession with Nutter Butters and my college obsession with Nutella. How perfect.]


but what can beat cake? Especially birthday cake, homemade by Mom:

Red Velvet Sheet Cake [this might do... if by 'might' you mean will definitely do]

Toffee Bar Brownie Torte [not exactly a cake but close enough!]

Ahhhh decisions, decisions. What to make first?!? Help me out! What would you make? Or do you have other suggestions for this baking-deprived runner? :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


marathon20Sarah, pictured in the middle after her first marathon in 2008 with her sister, Kathleen and then-boyfriend/now-husband Ben, began blogging at The Pajama Chef in order to chronicle her adventures in and love of cooking and baking. Sarah is currently a graduate student at Indiana University working towards a Master of Library Science and a Master of Arts in African Studies. Sarah’s efforts in the kitchen would not be possible without the assistance of her husband, Ben, and his stellar dish-washing and sous-chef skills. Sarah and Ben were married in May 2009 and enjoy running, reading, involvement in a local church, and spoiling their kitty,

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